I-Joist De-Webinizer

From time to time I come across off-cuts of I-joist. I've got a shop project coming up where I was going to need a lot of plywood or OSB, so I thought at least with these short I joists I could salvage the OSB webs from them. The first thought was to just run them all through the table saw, so I could get nice straight cuts. Problem there lies in the fact that once you cut off on flange the web and the attached flange will want to fall over. I could have made some sort of fancy track that attached to the table top to prevent this, but sometimes it's just easier to take the tool to the work. I needed a big enough footprint, to rest on the web and not fall over. and I needed the "fence" on the jig to be inline with the blade, so it cuts tight to the flange. This way I'm getting the most amount of web. If you just ran the edge of your saw against the web, you'd loose an inch or so with each cut. Check out the video below, and stay tuned in a few weeks for the "Why the cuss is he doing that?" answer.