The Roof

As a veteran I have access to the USAA insurance company for both my house and my vehicles. When I bought the house they required an inspection. While my house didn't have any leaks, they did require me to re-shingle the roof. They certainly looked like tired shingles.

I started solo, a day before everyone else, stripping off the old shingles, which went well on the south side. They only had one layer there. It was as I got to the three other sides of my roof, that I began to curse the makers of the roof staple. The conclusion I came to was that the previous roofers stripped that front side while the homeowner watched, and re-shingled it, then just shingled over the top on the other sides. I cant really blame them. The bottom layer was held on with staples, and they were a nightmare to remove, compared to the south side that was just nailed on. But late on day 1, one of my brothers showed up to give me a hand stripping the north side. As we got into it I felt nostalgia for Home Improvement and fell through the roof...


But I survived and continued on. Day 2 my father and one more Brother showed up to hit the shingling hard. My father put me on the task of making all the patches for the rotten bits of roof, as I was the woodworker. And they finished the stripping and started on shingles. I don't have a lot of photos, as I was too busy working my ass off, but we finished up on day 3 before it tried to rain on us. I was extremely appreciative of all my brothers, my father, and my Grandfather showing up and helping me keep the rain off my stuff, and the insurance on my house.