LVL topped workbench

I'm not sure if it's an actual law, but it sure seems like 60% of the things I've made since I picked up this woodworking hobby/trade is benches. Either for working at, or for sitting on.

Construction of the following is much the same as my last project, the end table.

Strips of LVL cut to size. I stripped off the wax coating they have so that the glue up sticks. I glued up 2 slabs about 6 foot long at 12" wide. The end bench was supposed to be 2' wide. But not having a 2' planer means 2 slabs.

 There no way I wanted to flatten this thing by hand, so after I had the two slabs run through the planer, I ran a row of biscuits for alignment and glued them to their 2' glory.

The top of the workbench was supposed to have about 2' of pegboard and a couple shelves.I happened to have some maple plywood in the shop so I made it completely out of that. A couple vertical pieces with some dadoes cut in via the radial arm saw.The blade I have in that saw doesn't cut a flat bottomed dado, so that is something I'm going to have to change before I cut another dado with it.

The framework is basically just construction lumber, with some pocket hole screws.   2x6's on the top row, and 2x4's down low. Basically just a look thing all 2x4's would've been more than enough.

I ran each piece through the table saw and planer just to knock the corners off and clean them up. What humor's me about that is, I then ran them over the router table and put a 1/8" round-over on them... so without measuring... it looks like I didn't do anything to them. Legs are 4x4's with the same sort of treatment. I think they ended up being 3" x 3"

Top screws on from some pocket holes underneath, with a 1" reveal all the way around. I had no rail on the front top because the customer wanted this work as a desk. So I wanted as much leg clearance as possible. Being that the top is made from laminated structural beams... I was not worried about it needing any additional support. (quick math says that each of the 1.75" wide beams that are laminated here could support about 500 pounds... there is 13 full pieces in this top... It'll probably be fine.

I sized the shelves so that a couple screws from underneath could secure it to the table top. I left about a 3/4" reveal on the back side so that they'd have a place to run some power cords if they wanted.

SketchUp file is slightly different than what I ended up building. That's generally how I do things. I use SketchUp to rough out the idea and estimate materials.. then build on the fly.

That said.   Here is a link.